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Bromham Benefice

Anglican Churches of Bromham, Oakley and Stagsden


St Owen’s, Bromham
The organ in St Owen’s has two manuals and pedal board, and is situated in the north choir chapel behind window tracery.    The original parts date from 1907/8 built by Norman and Beard Ltd.  There was a considerable rebuild in 1968 when new stops were added as well as some stops from the house organ which had stood in Bromham House.  Part of the Great organ has remained mechanical action with the rest of the action being electrified.  The organ, which has 714 pipes, has a large tone and sounds well both in the nave and the chancel.
St Owen’s has a robed choir who sing each week at the Sunday morning services. We are always looking for new members. St Owen’s organist is David Williams, David can be contacted with enquiries about the choir and music by emailing dpworganist@gmail.com.

St Mary’s Oakley
The pipe organ was installed around a hundred years ago, by Murdoch and Murdoch of Midland Road, Bedford, and has two manuals and pedal board. It was renovated in 1949 when an electric blower replaced the manually operated bellows, and it was rebuilt in 2019, the cost of which was funded by generous donations from members of the congregation.
St Mary’s Church Choir is a small friendly group, always ready to welcome new members of any age. Enquiries about the choir and organ can be directed to Jenny Sudworth – 01234 822859 or james-sudworth@sky.com .

The Benefice choir
The choirs of St Mary’s and St Owens form a Benefice Choir who sing at the 10.30am services every Sunday.  Choir practices are on Fridays at 7pm and generally take place in the church where the Sunday service is to be held.  The choir also sing at special services.  New members are always welcome.  For information please contact David Williams at dpworganist@gmail.com

St Leonard’s Stagsden
The organ at St Leonard’s, Stagsden is in the west gallery with a detached three manual console at the top of the nave.  Built in 1952 it had various stops added in the 1990s, including a tuba and a 32′ pedal reed, so that it now has 42 speaking stops, making it one of the largest village organs in Bedfordshire. Contact Revd Di Harpham for more information: 01234 918691 or diharpham@gmail.com .